About Saudi Bell Group Company 

Saudi Bell Group Company is a long-established and trusted system integrator in Saudi Arabia, operating in the market since 1985, helping improve the infrastructure of the Kingdom and enhance its telecommunication sector.
We specialize in providing our clients with state-of-the-art integrated, end-to-end technology solutions and consulting services in Information Technology, Telecommunication, and Physical Security in the public and private sectors across Defense, Utilities, Banking, Telecom and Healthcare markets in the Kingdom.
Saudi Bell Group Company offers extensive technical expertise, which includes design, manufacture. implement, supply, install and maintenance of sophisticated systems. The company also provides innovative solutions in Information technology and telecommunication using the best practices and highest international quality standards.
Our certified and cross-functional professionals identify clients’ specific requirements, appraise all attainable and agility-themed solutions to fulfill their critical needs effectively. Today, Saudi Bell is proud to earn the trust of our clients by delivering successful strategic projects.
Aligning with our quality-oriented approach, we are obligated to provide high-quality services in compliance with national/international standards.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to continue our leading position in the regional market in accordance with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, by expanding provision of the latest global technologies and providing integrated solutions to install these technologies locally and regionally, and adding new value within the community in line with Vision 2030 whether inside or abroad, and to maintain leadership in integrated solutions in the fields of information technology, communications and security systems supported by our qualified human resources, solid financial resources and our international systems.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in installation and development of integrated systems locally, and innovating exceptional and unique solutions in information and communications technology and security systems fields. Moreover, integrating technologies together to provide national smart solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.

Founder’s message

For over 30 years, Saudi Bell has proudly contributed to the technological
advancement and security of Saudi Arabia. As the Kingdom now embarks on its
ambitious journey towards achieving Vision 2030, we aspire to play a significant role
in its future just like we did in its past.
We are committed to empowering our nation to unlock the massive potential of its
economy and its people by architecting and providing the most innovative and
sustainable technology and security solutions. We will continue to work tirelessly
and to expand our capabilities to help shape the future of the nation through the best
integrated technology systems that ultimately improve the quality of life for every
citizen, resident and visitor.
Furthermore, we are determined to carve a leading position for Saudi Bell in the
regional market by expanding our value-adding services beyond the borders of the
Kingdom and helping clients across the Middle East optimize their capabilities with
our global-standard resources and solutions.
We continue to be motivated by our core values of integrity, commitment, excellence,
innovation, differentiation and sustainability to deliver solutions that accelerate our
clients’ success and take their businesses to the next level.
Our long-term ambitions and strategies, complemented with our stellar team and
superior technologies are paving the way for infinite possibilities, a bright future and
a Kingdom with unstoppable power.

Our History

Since the establishment of Saudi Bell Group Company, it has been through notable milestones that define the long history, progressive technical experience, and expansion on all aspects. Milestones are reflected on the timeline below:


Our Achievements

ISO Certified Company:

Quality Management System 9001

Information Security Management System 27001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System 45001

Environmental Management System 14001

Forming complete technical support teams at the highest levels in security systems and carrying out continuous system updates procedures.

Saudi Bell has earned “The High Commission for Industrial Security Certification”.

Saudi Bell earned “First-Class Classification
Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing.

Our Team

Saudi Bell’s team has been a huge part of many successful projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the decades of our company’s life. We are proud to hold the trust of our clients and to put that trust, in return, to our well-trained and certified engineers, technicians and customer-focused professionals in all specializations as they are the reason behind that trust.

In addition to identifying innovative and advance technology solutions, Saudi Bell continues to invest in its capabilities in development and manpower resources.

Our International Accreditations