Electro-Mechanical, Power, and Civil Engineering

Saudi Bell’s team of professional certified engineers has been a huge part of many successful projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the decades of our company’s life. We are proud to hold the trust of our clients and to put that trust, in turn, to our exceptional engineers in all specializations as they are the reason behind that trust.   

Through our team’s services and expertise as well as our partners, Saudi Bell has been able to supply the Kingdom different projects with high and medium voltage transformers as well as handling the installation of those transformers.

  • Saudi Bell’s services in the Civil Engineering sector include:

    • Electrical, mechanical, and site preparation.
    • Civil Works.
    • Design, Engineering & Construction works.
    • Landscaping & Development of facility infrastructure.
    • HVAC & Cooling systems.
    • Power & Lighting installation.


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