Mission, Vision & Values


Saudi Bell Group is a Saudi System Integrator consisting of specialized Business Units offering Value Added Services and Turnkey Solutions covering Information Communication Technologies and Security Systems fulfilling Vertical Markets Requirements including Military, Public and Private Business Sectors.


Strengthening Saudi Bell Group “SBG” Market Recognition as one of the leading Saudi Organizations for the provision of Advanced Technology, Integrated Efficient Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions and Services with Superior Customer Support in a healthy working environment while transferring the Technology Knowledge by contributing to the Economic Growth of the Saudi Kingdom.


As we go forward with our mission to provide best-in-class service and turnkey Physical Security, IT & Telecom solutions, Saudi Bell’s team is derived by our company’s key values:

While Saudi Bell policies follow the global standards to produce world-class systems and solution, our company operates in a market that grows only via innovation. This is why we encourage our engineering team members to broaden their creative and imaginative side to be able to come up with out-of-the-box ideas and unusual solutions to make our services as innovative as they are reliable.
Saudi Bell as a Physical Security, IT & Telecom solutions are serving our clients in the military, public, and private sectors. This means having to have the systems up and running 24/7 without a fail, and that is exactly what we do. Our talented engineers are the perfect option when it comes to creating sustainable turnkey solutions as well as maintaining them.
Every member of Saudi Bell team works in his position according to our code of ethics and standards of quality to create, integrate, and produce our unique Physical Security, IT & Telecom systems that not only differentiate Saudi Bell as a provider but also our clients’ experiences and performance as they deploy and use our systems.


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