Physical Security Systems

Saudi Bell provides world-class physical security systems that use the latest technologies and devices available in the security sector.   

Our team of professional specialists is responsible for studying you physical building or area, planning the perfect security system for the premises, designing your security system to determine what devices and software it will include within your budget, and finally, implementing and installing the physical security system.

  • Our state-of-the-art physical security systems include:

    • CHECKPOINT SECURITY @ BORDER & AIRPORTS, encompassing Security Consultancy.
    • Conventional – High Energy X-Rays Scanning Facility as Fixed Gantry, Mobile Portals, Passenger Car. CT Scanners integrated into BHS.
    • EtDS, Explosives & Narcotics Detection & Identification System.
    • Passenger Scanning Solution.
    • Metal & Radiation Detection System.
    • Liquid Explosives Detectors.
    • CBRNE, EOD Robotics Equipment, and IED Vehicles.
    • Surveillance and Monitoring.
    • Optical Surveillance/Search.
    • Typical Perimeter Security:
      • CCTV cameras to monitor the perimeter.
      • Thermal cameras.
      • Indoor and outdoor cameras that function in different weather conditions without changes in its performance.
      • Biometric access control (face reading, Iris reading or fingerprint reading) to control access of the secure buildings.


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