Who We Are

Our history is an important part of the communication infrastructure of the Kingdom.

Operating in the Physical Security, IT & Telecom sector of the Saudi market since 1985, Saudi Bell aims to be the leading Value Adding Services and Turnkey Solutions Provider in KSA and Middle East.

Our goal has always been to provide high-quality cutting-edge of Physical Security, IT & Telecom products and services to improve upon the infrastructure of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our plan for Saudi Bell clients is to not only leverage every aspect of the features of the age of communication and cyber security, but also to stir the technological environment to create even more advanced ideas and solutions.

Our plan is to deliver the future of Physical Security, IT & Telecom systems to the Middle East.

After securing the leadership position in the Saudi market of Physical Security, IT & Telecom, Saudi Bell now is perusing an international presence starting with the Middle East. Through our growth and acquisition, Saudi Bell is going to be the lead provider in the Physical Security, IT & Telecom sector in the region within a few years bringing the same level of excellence and sustainability we brought to the Saudi market. 

High-quality is our past, present, and future.

As Saudi Bell keeps up with the ever-changing challenging technologies, we strive to maintain the same level of our exceptional customer support services while ensuring the best return on investment rates for our clients.

Saudi Bell has over 30 years of experience providing clients from both government and enterprise backgrounds with systems’ integrations, Physical Security, IT & Telecom services and products.

We are proud to have gained the trust of every single one of our clients and we look forward to gaining the same trust from our future clients as we expand and become a partner in more successful projects in the area.


About Us